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Phone mileage
Green check mark 100% Accurate
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Voice-activated mileage tracking is included in all TALK plans
How does it work?
This device tracks trips with 100% accuracy from the moment the vehicle turns on to the time it turns off. We allow you to create rules for your typical trips so they’re coded entirely for you. For anything outside of the norm, you’ll get a notification on your phone within seconds asking the critical questions “who are you there to see, and why?”. Or, if it’s a personal trip, simply swipe to the left & you’re done!
A Log + No Details = Risky Business
Get every penny of your deserved deduction without the risk of other “automatic” mileage trackers that are superficial, inconvenient, and inaccurate. Don't let a log error cost you thousands of dollars! TALK is the only automatic mileage tracker that guarantees audit protection.
Why track mileage?
The IRS lets you deduct $0.54 for every business mile driven Tracking mileage can be critical for expense reimbursements It’s important to have thorough proof of your mileage if you job cost or bill for trip charges
Money bag
What is the cost?
We offer free mileage tracking on ALL of our plans. To get started you'll need the fool-proof Automatic Pro device. This is one-time cost of $129.00, and if you don't love the results, you can send it back!
TALK calculates your deductions & posts to an online spreadsheet
that's ready to be downloaded at reimbursement or tax time!
Mileage laptop
Eventually everyone gets a tax audit. One of the easiest ways for an auditor to nail you for a few thousand dollars in lost deductions and penalties is to review your mileage logs. If they are missing any details such as point of origin, date and time stamp, who you went to see and what was discussed, your ENTIRE deduction can be disallowed. This means any mileage tracker that allows you to mark trips as business or charity without requiring you to provide a business purpose can result in a disaster during an audit. Failing to provide a description for even one trip can get your entire deduction thrown out. We’ve heard of cases where the extra tax bill ran over $35,000.
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